Please ensure you have read this page before making a booking for the Cat Lounge.

Anyone 12 and under, a parent or guardian will need to sign for them please.

Children 12 and under cannot be in the Cat Lounge alone, they MUST BE ACCOMPANIED BY AN ADULT! 

Anyone found breaking any rules in the Cat Lounge will be asked to leave immediately, and will not be refunded.

  • Tickets / Bookings for the Cat Lounge are non-refundable and changes to bookings can be made up to 48 hours before your booked session by calling the cafe 07 5630 1110.

  • Full Sessions run for 50 mins (e.g.: starts at 11:30am & out by 12:20pm for the next session at 12:30pm to 13:20pm, etc.).  Maximum people in a session is 16 with maximum of 5 KIDS ALLOWED PER SESSION. 
    Half Sessions run for 25 minutes from the time you enter the Cat Lounge, staff will inform you before your session is up.


  • Please arrive 5-10 minutes earlier to sign in, order your food & drinks and to get the staff briefing. 

  • Your hands will need to be washed upon entry of the Cat Lounge at the hand wash basin provided in the Cat Lounge.


  • Cats don’t like yelling, loudness or aggression, so please play gently with them You will find the cats will come to you more if you just sit still and relax.


  • Do not chase, pull tails or force a cat to be picked up if it doesn’t want too. If the cat goes to it’s private room, please leave them alone, as they want to rest. If you do any of the listed, you will immediately be asked to leave and will not be refunded.


  • Anyone found hurting the cats, being disruptive or not following our basic rules, will be asked to leave immediately and will not get a refund.


  • Adult guests are welcome to pick up the cats, at their own risk. We ask is if the cat looks like it doesn’t want to be picked up, that you leave it be and find a different cat to cuddle.


  • Children 12 and under please do not pick up or carry the cats.


  • Please DO NOT feed any food items to the cats.


  • No flash photography, this hurts the cats eyes.


  • You can take food that you purchase from the Crazy Cat Cafe into the lounge, no other food or drinks can be taken into the cat lounge please. Ensure the lids of your drinks always remain on when unattended to avoid spillage and possibly burning the cats.  If the cats do annoy you while eating, we ask that you spray them with the water bottle provided, this helps us to teach them that this is unacceptable behaviour, and is harmless.


  • Please note animals can be known to carry viruses that can be harmful to pregnant women, although our cats are looked after we cannot guarantee that they won’t catch something from being handled by the public therefore it is at the discretion of any pregnant person to enter at their own risk. We will not accept any liability should you think you have contracted something from our cats.


  • If you get scratched, please see a staff member for a band aid.

  • The Crazy Cats are our number 1 priority, they are treated like Royalty and we expect all visitors to treat them the same. From time to time randomly, they will go On Holiday, where they get their routine health checks and time out from the cafe.  If you coming to visit a certain cat, please ensure you call the cafe to check they are not on holiday, so you won't be disappointed if you miss them.

  • The Crazy Cat Cafe is fully licensed and serves a selection of alcoholic drinks.  At all times we follow Responsible Service of Alcohol Practices.  We have a zero tolerance to intoxicated patrons and any patron not following the law or our House Policies.  Please note our House Policies which staff, patrons and anyone consuming alcohol on the premises must at all times abide too - House Policies


Rules & FAQ

These apply to anyone entering the Cat Lounge - It is all about the well-being of our heroes, the kitties. Please can you all read the following rules and ensure you adhere to them. Safety First!

Before entry to the Cat Lounge you will  need to be checked in by a staff member.

You will need to read the basic rules and sign in before you can enter the Cat Lounge.

Everyone is required to sign in if entering the Cat Lounge, due to regulations, by doing this you will accept all liability for injury or damage to person/persons or property.