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The Crazy Cat Café not only supports local, reputable and passionate breeders but is proud to support the AWLQ too.

As everyone is different and likes different things we like to try to cater for all needs and appeals…

So if you like a purebred cat, we showcase only the best reputable breeders, however if you want to rescue a kitty, we fully support and encourage you to do this via the AWLQ. We have many rehomed kitties, and they are very special indeed.

All details on how to adopt a Cat or Kitten via the AWLQ can be found by visiting this link -

If you’d prefer to get a Cat or Kitten via one of our Kittens’ Breeders, please visit The Crazy Cats page on our website. All Breeders are listed under each of our Kitties, just click on the Breeders name and it will take you directly to their website.

Enjoy choosing your new family member, don’t rush, as a pet is forever and will need your love and care for its entire life, so take your time and follow the recommended steps.

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