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Cat Furniture by Urbanphur


The Crazy Cat Cafe is proud to showcase the great range of designer pet furniture by UrbanPhur.

Urbanphur has taken the typically unsightly cat tower to another level and not only make beautiful cat towers but have designed a range of cat shelves that can be put together as an amazing looking playground for your cat to play sleep and eat.

An Urbanphur cat wall is perfect for people and cats living in units and townhouses where floor space is a commodity but can just as easily be placed on any wall anywhere as a decorative art installation especially when combined with one or more of their Kandle shelves.

Their range of shelves are as easy to install as hanging a picture and in a couple of hours can become an attractive addition to any room.

Their products come in a great range of timber veneers and 2pac paint colours as well as a large range of plush non-woven industrial grade carpet, there is a combination to suit every home.

All of their products have removable and replaceable carpet components which cover a shelf and sub frame (tested to a static 30Kgs) creating a hidden and handy storage space!
You can see their range of furniture at David Rotstein

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